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Tropical Leaves

After Shipment Information

Sometimes when you receive a new gecko they will arrive cold, regardless of whether or not a heat pack was used. It is normal for them to move slowly when they are cold. It is important to let them gradually warm up to room temperature. Do not try to warm them up faster under a heat lamp.

​Please remember too much handling can cause smaller geckos to overheat from your body temperature. Babies should be kept a bit cooler then adults (Adults 73-80 degrees Fahrenheit, Babies 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit.)

We recommend no handling of your new gecko for at least 7 days after receiving it. Two full weeks is the best method. Stress can cause health problems and even death. Over handling your gecko after shipping can be stressful. Let your gecko get used to its new home, explore and acclimate to its new surroundings.

The day of arrival you can leave food in the geckos cage and mist the cage lightly. Continue to offer fresh food every other day during acclimation and monitor the bowel movements of the gecko. After the acclimation period is over, handle and enjoy your new gecko! 


Tropical Leaves
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